Destinie Slavich

Four years on UCLA’s Division-I rowing team left Destinie with debilitating low-back and hip pain but ignited an unstoppable appetite to lead a pain-free life. Destinie is a nurturer and understands how it feels to have tried “anything and everything” to conquer chronic pain. Her story colors her teaching as she teaches from her own personal experiences backed by her Advanced Teacher Training through The Pilates Center and an MS in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida. She believes that if clients learn to understand and mentally connect with their own bodies that they begin to develop functional movement patterns and better postural alignment - key elements to feeling healthy. Destinie strives to guide her clients to such an understanding and connection with every session.

Keegan Hafner

Keegan has been dedicated to teaching the Pilates method for over 20 years. In this time, she’s had the pleasure of helping overworked moms, professional athletes, students recovering from TBIs, and herself to move with greater efficiency and strength. She thinks that springs are inherently funny, no one should feel powerless in their own body, and that Pilates is akin to an Owners’ Manual for the human body. From experience managing her own myriad of injuries, as well as close collaboration with physical therapists and other allied professionals, she has developed a vast toolkit to guide students through work that will speed recovery, improve conditioning, build resilience, and develop embodied understanding of healthy movement.

Nicole Lancie

Nicole believes in the resilience of the human body and spirit. She uses Classical Pilates as a tool to increase body awareness which establishes safety, confidence, and a vocabulary to describe what is experienced. Through breath work, postural alignment, and functional movement training, Nicole works with students to develop a skill set to recognize and disrupt painful movement patterns, and safely push through boundaries to achieve higher performance levels. Nicole has been teaching Pilates as a full time profession since 2010. She is certified through the Pilates Center at Boulder and is currently enrolled in the Somatic Experiencing (SE™) professional program.

We Teach Pilates Differently

We use Classical Pilates exercises to help you learn about your body’s specific needs. Our number one goal is for you to feel confident to be your own teacher. We will help you develop tools and techniques to be able to address your bodily concerns and to self correct faulty movement patterns in real time.

We ask you to show up fully to each session - our style is more conversational than instructional. We’ll help you develop your own unique language to describe what you are feeling during movement while teaching you anatomy and basic biomechanics so you can better communicate with your doctor, chiropractic, PT, acupuncturist, etc.

Each student will receive specific “homework” to do regularly outside of their session. We recommend that students keep a movement notebook to track progress with “homework” exercises, log levels of discomfort and note triggers, record additional exercise done, or commemorate wins. Don’t worry we’re here to guide you. Our teachers don’t just teach an exercise sequence but tools to help you take control of your health.

What you get out of this work is dependent on what you put into it - nothing more, nothing less.

The Studio



We are a Classical Pilates studio equipped with Gratz equipment in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. We teach the original work of Joseph Pilates with a modern spin. Our services include private sessions both online and in-studio, as well as weekly Livestream Classical Pilates mat classes.

The Story



Pilates in Common was bred out of necessity. We got into this business to help others but realized we needed to help ourselves as well. Teaching Pilates isn’t glamorous work: it can be emotionally draining, lonely, and challenging to make enough money to contribute to retirement or secure quality healthcare. Statistically, few teachers are able to make Pilates a viable career without the financial support from a partner. We knew that had to change.

In 2018 we formed Pilates in Common, a women-owned workers cooperative in San Francisco Bay Area. We are on a mission to move our industry away from independent contractor solos and towards employment and employee-ownership. We are paving the way for Pilates teachers to be able to support themselves financially and build a business in equitable partnership with others.

Through cooperation we are able to share clientele, gross higher revenue, provide employee benefits, share the responsibility of business ownership, and return annual profits to our teachers. Pilates in Common is 100% for the teachers so that the teachers can be 100% for their students.

If you are interested in joining our team or would like to learn how to start your own teaching cooperative, please contact [email protected]