Allied Professional - Morgan Conner

allied professionals Nov 06, 2023
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Morgan Conner

Oh, the pelvic floor! If you’ve felt yours turn on during Pilates (standing footwork, anyone?), you'll never forget the feeling. These vital muscles, located at the base of your pelvis, serve a range of functions that extend far beyond the Pilates mat—supporting your internal organs, maintaining urinary and fecal continence, and even contributing to sexual health. But what about those moments outside the Pilates studio when you're grappling with issues like incontinence or pelvic pain?

Cue Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy! This specialized form of therapy offers a targeted, evidence-based approach to resolving these complex issues, using everything from manual therapies to biofeedback. And the best part? It harmonizes perfectly with the core awareness you've been cultivating in your Pilates practice, making it a seamless extension of your wellness effort.



Now, we understand that pelvic health is a personal matter and you may want a trusted guide for this type of exploration. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Morgan Conner, a respected Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who already collaborates with students from Pilates in Common.

Don't just take our word for it—learn more about Morgan and her specialized focus in the interview below. We couldn't recommend her more highly.
1) What services do you offer?
I offer virtual and in-home physical therapy with a focus on pelvic floor physical therapy.

2) Tell us why you specialize in pelvic floor health?
Helping people be able to get back to things that can be central to our feeling of being human like walking down the street without peeing, being able to have a bowel movement, or having pain free enjoyable sex with a partner is so fulfilling. I love what I do! The wins that my patients share with me are just so awesome! Also I get to talk about taboo topics like peeing, pooping and sex pretty much all day which is just the cat’s pajamas.

3) What type of conditions do you focus on?
I focus primarily on pelvic health conditions like urinary dysfunctions (incontinence, urgency, IC), bowel dysfunction (constipation/GI issues), painful sex and sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain conditions, and pregnancy/postpartum care.

4) What was your journey to pelvic health physical therapy?
I started my physical therapy career working primarily with patients with orthopedic conditions including conservative management for low back, knee or shoulder pain, post-operative care for joint replacements, and balance and gait training. After working in that environment for two and half years, I made the switch to pelvic health physical therapy where I then spent three years working in the clinical setting before transitioning to full time in-home care.

5) What is your approach to providing care?
My goal for each patient is to build a genuine partnership. Together, we'll delve into understanding the unique challenges you're facing and craft a personalized action plan. This collaboration is all about empowering you to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of the activities you love and the life you wish to lead.
It's incredibly rewarding for me to assist individuals in either rediscovering or exploring for the first time the amazing capabilities of their own bodies. Especially in the realm of pelvic health physical therapy, I'm often one of the first healthcare providers to truly listen to a patient's experience and shed light on the underlying causes of their symptoms. My sessions are thoughtfully designed to include education, guided exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and hands-on techniques—all aimed at helping you forge a meaningful reconnection with your body.

6) Fill in the blank: I help people to…
…overcome conditions and issues that they usually don’t, or are not able to, talk about, but have a huge impact on their lives.

7) What do you believe are practices of good health and well being?
Finding balance has been a theme for me over the past few years when it comes to health and well being. Balancing fun, chores, and work, activity with rest, strengthening versus softening muscles, learning new information versus deepening and embodying my current knowledge.

8) What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
You might find me riding my bike or possibly training for a triathlon on an active day and on my quieter days, I’m probably baking or listening to a podcast or audiobook!

9) What's your favorite piece of advice you've been given or like to give?
This is kind of a silly one, but it is the molehill you’ll likely find me on! Use good (and more) lube! Too many personal lubricants, especially the most common name-brand lubes, are not vagina friendly and might even be contributing to the pain you are trying to decrease by using lube in the first place. I usually suggest that my patients try a couple different brands (in San Francisco, places like Good Vibrations will sell sample size packets) and then use the one that they like the best.

10) Anything else you want people to know?
A few boring but important details. Although my services are out-of-network with insurance, I do provide superbills to help patients get reimbursement from their insurance. My geographic service area is San Francisco, although I can occasionally take on patients outside of the city when my caseload permits it. I provide everything I would need for care in home, the only thing I ask folks to provide is a pillow!


Want to book a session with Morgan? Visit her website or email her at [email protected]!