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allied professionals May 22, 2023
Midpoint Sports Chiropractic in Castro district, San Francisco

At Pilates in Common, we wholeheartedly embrace the philosophy that the wellness of the body and mind are profoundly interconnected. Recognizing this essential link, we believe that a truly complete approach to wellness goes beyond just physical conditioning, it must equally consider mental wellbeing (and countless other factors).

Our role at Pilates in Common is to guide our clients in nurturing their physical bodies. To enrich our expertise, we've formed alliances with other health and wellness professionals across various disciplines. This collaborative, multidisciplinary strategy ensures our clients receive holistic care and education, which can, in turn, elevate their Pilates practice to new heights of effectiveness.

We're delighted to introduce Dr. Brian Rizzo and Dr. Kai Hua Hsu from Midpoint Sports Chiropractic. Our connection with them began through a mutual client. Having practiced Pilates himself, Brian wisely suggested Pilates to this client as a supplement to his chiropractic treatments, aiming to enhance the strength of this client’s core stabilizing muscles. Upon hearing this, Destinie thought, "What a thoughtful chiropractor!" and was motivated to establish a relationship with Brian and Kai. What Pilates in Common appreciates about this partnership is that Brian provides an additional pair of expert eyes on shared clients clients. Together, we establish a symbiosis between our work, resulting in a win-win situation for clients. Pilates in Common also appreciates that their office is conveniently located in the heart of the Castro in San Francisco, making it accessible for clients who find the studio's location convenient. Both Destinie and Nicole have experienced Midpoint’s work and feel comfortable and excited to recommend them to clients.

Please enjoy Destinie’s interview with Midpoint Sports Chiropractic below!

What services does MidPoint Chiropractic offer?
Midpoint Sports Chiropractic provides bodywork, wellness, and movement coaching to help you live free of pain and without limits. Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker or both, we can help you experience life to its fullest; working with instead of against your body.

What differentiates MidPoint Chiropractic from other practices?
We examine the person as a whole being by addressing all the musculoskeletal systems. We utilize functional movement assessment, full-body chiropractic techniques (head to toe), Active Release Techniques, and Myofascial Decompression Therapy.

We further support our patients by offering myofascial stretching, ergonomic recommendations, and rehab exercises which help re-establish the correct neurological pathways and alignment of the spine and extremities after an adjustment.

Simply, we focus on restoring function and strength to the joints and muscles of your body through our knowledge of anatomy, physiology, body structure, and movement.


Do you have a mission statement? If so, what does it mean to you?
Our mission is to help patients find their own balance or center point in their lives. We provide education in movement, function, and exercise in order for our patients to live the life they chose.

What do you believe are practices of good health and well being?
We both feel that an active lifestyle and movement is key to maintaining a healthy body and a mentally fit mind.

Midpoint Sports Chiropractic approaches each patient as an individual, tailoring the treatment to optimize healing and recovery in order to unlock each person’s potential for good health. When patients’ symptoms have subsided, we offer health guidance in lifestyle modifications with corrective exercises and movements to ensure our patients can return to the activities they love and decrease the risk of re-injury.


What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
We both enjoy being outdoors and active. You can usually find us playing tennis in SF or hiking around the bay area.

What’s your favorite piece of advice you've been given or like to give?
Our motto: Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better.
Moving is the best cure for our body to stay healthy.

Want to get in touch with Midpoint? Check out their info on our new Referrals page. Have an allied professional you think we should know? Email us!