Sunday Newsletter: 2024.01.21

sunday newsletters Jan 21, 2024
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As you know by now, January is our month of flow. Flow, a fundamental principle in Pilates, is all about the seamless continuity and grace in movement. This concept isn't just about physical motion; it also opens the door to a unique psychological phenomenon: the flow state.

Coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the flow state describes a mental zone of deep immersion, heightened focus, and profound enjoyment. It's where our physical discipline meets mental acuity, leading to peak performance and creativity. 

Engaging in Pilates with a focus on flow does more than just improve physical fitness. It ushers in a mental flow state, which brings a wealth of benefits:

🧠 Enhanced Focus and Mental Clarity: The mental flow state achieved in Pilates sharpens focus and clears the mind, similar to the effects of meditation. This heightened concentration can lead to improved productivity and clarity in daily tasks and decisions. Who doesn’t want that?

🤓 Increased Creativity and Problem-Solving: Flow states promote creativity and enhanced problem-solving abilities. By regularly entering this state in Pilates, you might find yourself more innovative and resourceful in various aspects of life, not just during exercise.

🗓 Boosted Motivation and Positive Habit Formation: The satisfaction and sense of achievement from flowing physically can significantly increase intrinsic motivation. This heightened engagement often leads to the formation of positive habits and a growth mindset, contributing to ongoing personal and professional development. 2024 goals, anyone?

There’s two Monday flow classes left before we switch to our first themed month of the year. Sign up now to get those physical and psychological benefits!


Monday, January 22nd @ 12pm with Nicole:
Today, we’ll use the choreography of the Basic 10 and apply it to the 1 Rep Mat! We’ll end class with some some juicy stretches. Props: bring a bath towel.

Wednesday, January 24th @8am with Destinie:
BYOR: Bring Your Own Requests. Want to join in on the flow fun? Let Destinie know!