Sunday Newsletter: 2024.02.25

sunday newsletters Feb 25, 2024
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Exciting news: we've got one more Monday in February, giving us a final opportunity to focus on our feet this month! We're planning to make this last foot-focused class unforgettable. We've noticed that practices making our students feel great tend to stick. That's why we're dedicating our upcoming Monday class to teaching everyone self-massage techniques for the feet. After all, who doesn’t love a good foot massage?

Props are required for Monday's class! You need the MELTⓇ Hand and Foot Therapy Ball Kit and a full length foam roller. If you're missing these props this time around, there's no need to worry. Go ahead and acquire them at your convenience; we'll be utilizing these props in other classes this year!

We believe it's crucial to understand the reasons behind what makes us feel great. So, why is massaging the feet important? Let's dive into the benefits:

🤸 Supports the Kinetic Chain: By massaging the feet, we're able to address and correct imbalances and tensions throughout the body's kinetic chain. This leads to improved posture and reduces strain on joints and muscles across the body.

👍 Boosts Circulation and Reduces Pain: Massaging your feet can significantly enhance blood flow to the feet and lower limbs, providing relief from conditions like plantar fasciitis and speeding up the healing process for foot-related injuries.

😴 Stress Relief and Improved Sleep: It's more than just a physical benefit; foot massages induce relaxation, helping to lower stress and anxiety levels. This, in turn, can lead to improved sleep quality and a better overall mood.

👣 Promotes Foot Mobility and Prevents Injuries: Regular foot massages not only enhance the mobility and flexibility of the feet but are also essential for maintaining a balanced and efficient gait. Plus, they help in preventing injuries by keeping the feet agile and responsive.



Monday, February 26th @ 12pm with Destinie:

Today, we're giving our feet some much-needed TLC with the MELTⓇ Hand and Foot Therapy Ball Kit. Our feet are pretty complex, housing 26 bones and 33 joints each, which honestly, is a recipe for potential discomfort. Those joints, where our bones come together, tend to be hotspots for issues, often leaving us with those nagging aches and pains. That's where the MELT MethodⓇ gently stretches the bones in our feet, encouraging fluids to flow better and hydrate those thirsty joints.

We’re not just soothing foot issues; we’re positively affecting our body's entire connective tissue network. All our systems are interconnected, working on our feet can lead to broader health benefits, supporting well-being throughout the body.

We’ll wrap up today’s class with some focused breathwork on the roller, further enhancing the calming effects of working on our feet and promoting an even deeper sense of relaxation throughout the body.