Sunday Newsletter: 2024.03.03

sunday newsletters Mar 03, 2024
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Have you ever thought about how many movements you make when getting out of bed each morning? It begins with a stretch, swinging your legs over the bed, rubbing your eyes, maybe giving your cat a quick pet, and then standing up. Though it seems straightforward, each action—from stretching to stepping—shows how your body is expertly multitasking. Standing up involves more than just getting up; it's about balancing and using your muscles effectively, skills you've been refining for years.

This morning ritual is actually a perfect example of motor learning at work. You've come a long way from those early days of trying to roll over as a baby to effortlessly getting out of bed as an adult. At first, you're exploring how to move, then gradually improving and making fewer mistakes, until these actions become smooth and automatic. Every morning's routine is not just the start of your day but a practice session that fine-tunes your muscles and brain, making this blend of movements feel second nature.

So, why are we talking about motor learning? Because last month, we focused on foot movements with the aim of making these exercises feel automatic for you, which requires practice. Our classes are designed to alternate between thematic exploration and flow, giving you the chance to deeply internalize and apply what you've learned. Now, with March here, it's time to focus on flow. We encourage you to bring the footwork techniques you learned into your flow, making those detailed movements as natural as your morning rise.

Let's use March to turn your practice into effortless action!



Monday, March 4th @ 12pm with Nicole:
We’ve trained our feet for this moment –we’re starting class with standing foot work and ending with standing splits! Don’t worry we’ll prep you along the way to dive into a strong foot to hip and abdominals basic 10! Prop: hand towel.