Sunday Newsletter: 2024.03.17

sunday newsletters Mar 17, 2024
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In March, we're embracing the theme of flow, a concept that’s stirred mixed feelings among us. Last week, we heard contrasting views: "I love flow. It’s such a good workout," and "Flow means tackling those tough exercises I struggle with." If you find yourself resonating with the latter, consider the unforeseen benefits of confronting these challenges directly.

Last week, we explored how intentional movements not only sharpen our focus but also carve out new neural pathways. Interestingly, stumbling through exercises—"failures," if you will—contributes to this growth. Ever found yourself teetering in a teaser, only to tumble? You're in excellent company. This experience resembles how a baby learns to walk: each fall primes the motor control cortex, making it receptive to new information that improves subsequent attempts. This demonstrates the significance of Pilates cues—they offer the crucial feedback that our motor control cortex needs to adapt and refine our movements. So, YAY for wobbly teasers!

This week, let's approach those daunting exercises with a new perspective. Viewing every stumble as a stepping stone to mastery enriches your practice, drawing us closer to our goals. The journey through these challenges is where true growth lies. And remember: you’re not alone! Even your teachers wiggle and wobble in teaser!



Monday, March 18th @ 12pm with Nicole:
Today we’ll use imagery and your own body to help recreate the assistance a teacher gives with tactile feedback. By moving this way, you’ll give your body the space to freely move through more difficult exercises.

Wednesday, March 20th @ 8am with Destinie:
BYOR: Bring Your Own Requests! Rise and shine and request!



We're always on the hunt for content that's not just easy to digest but also a joy to engage with, especially when it comes to learning about the body and movement. Last year, we began teaching the MELT Method, an effective self-care technique for your fascial system. It's crucial to take care of your fascia, and we've found a podcast that details what it is, its key role in our bodies, and how it influences feeling and moving well. Oh, and a cool fact: the expert sharing these fascia insights is based in San Francisco!