Sunday Newsletter: 2024.03.24

sunday newsletters Mar 24, 2024
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Well, March flew by! Just one week left of flow before we switch back to a month of thematic exploration.

Let’s make the most of March’s last flow class with intention setting. What’s that you ask? Intention setting is the practice of consciously choosing and articulating your aims or objectives before beginning an activity. In the context of Pilates and flow, it means defining what you hope to achieve or how you wish to feel during your practice. This could be anything from striving for smoother transitions between exercises, nailing your breath control, or even embracing the peace that comes with fluid motion.

Here’s how you can set an intention for Monday’s class in three easy steps:

Reflect 🤔
Review your March practice: Identify what satisfied you and where you can improve. This step helps spotlight both strengths and areas needing focus.

Contemplate & Prioritize 🎯
Based on reflection, decide on your next goals. This bridges past insights to future plans, helping you choose clear, meaningful objectives for the next class.

Articulate 📣
State your intention clearly, using a word, phrase, or sentence. Expressing it solidifies your goal, guiding your practice forward.

Here’s an example that Destinie worked through since she’ll be teaching Monday!

Reflect 🤔
Reflecting on how my nerves sometimes shake my confidence at the start, yet observing my confidence growing as the class proceeds, identifies a pivotal area for improvement specifically for Monday’s class.

Contemplate & Prioritize 🎯
Acknowledging this, I'm drawn to employ strategies such as deep breathing and positive affirmations right before Monday's class begins, aiming to directly counteract these initial nerves and bolster my confidence from the outset.

Articulate 📣
This leads me to set a focused intention for Monday's class: "Cultivate calm confidence." This mantra will serve as a grounding force, reminding me to start the session centered and confident, setting a powerful example of navigating initial challenges through intention.

Give intention-setting a go and feel its impact. Feel free to share your intention with the class on Monday!



Monday, March 25th @ 12pm with Destinie:
I love a request or a question, and I absolutely love, love an intention. I encourage everyone to set an intention before Monday’s class. I’ll be asking if anyone wants to share theirs at the beginning, and I'll use your intentions to shape our class flow. This approach lets me teach flow in a dynamic way, ensuring the session feels personal to you. And for those who prefer to listen, you might discover something new or inspiring through the shared intentions of others.